About Us

Welcome to Studio J Glitter.  Home of beautiful Solvent  Resistant glitters, mixes, pigments & Nail art products.

My story takes me as far back as I can remember as a very young girl in love with & mesmerized by all things that sparkled.  Little did I know that one-day my love for these things would see me selling them.  I have always been a creative person & became a Nail Technician back in 1986 & this enabled me to use my creativity on '10 blank canvases'.

My love first & foremost is Bling & glitter however as a Nail Technician I was frustrated by the lack of places that were a 1 stop shop that sold both glitter & pigments & so Studio J Glitter was born.

The products I have sourced are of the highest quality ensuring that my customers can in turn use the highest quality products they incorporate into their Nail designs or craft project.  

If there is a product you are looking for that I don't stock, please let me know.  I will do my very best to source it for you.